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NEC stands at the forefront of pioneering advancements in IT and network communications, biometric recognition, IoT and AI technologies, and as a trailblazer in the realm of ICT solutions. With a legacy tracing back to 1899, NEC fuses its extensive history and experience with contemporary data-driven innovations. A proven leader, NEC has earned its reputation by consistently delivering excellence, acknowledged as one of the Top 100 Global Innovators for an impressive eleven consecutive years.

Now, Easier Communications brings NEC to you. We are the trusted source for top-notch NEC products in the USA. As the leading provider in Colorado, we're committed to boosting your business with NEC's advanced communication solutions. Based in Denver and serving Lakewood and the Rocky Mountain area, we're here to enhance your productivity, safety, and security through cutting-edge communication technology.
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All About Unified Communications

Streamlining communication and collaboration has never been this easy with unified communications. Designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace and with the addition of cloud-enabled capabilities, communication tools are now accessible from anywhere, whether in the office or on the go. By using voice over internet protocol (VoIP), this system gives your business the advantage of integrating all forms of communication such as voice, video, and messaging, into a single platform - allowing streamlined communication across various devices and locations so teams can collaborate easily and effectively.

On-Premise Solutions

In the world of business communication, on-premise communication servers play a huge role. These servers help SMBs and Large Enterprises make calls and send messages. Unlike servers in the cloud, an on-premise software is installed and runs on a company's own hardware infrastructure, and is hosted locally.

When it comes to on-premise servers, NEC’s Univerge SV9100 and Univerge SV9500 are designed for real people and real business. They get your team working together from day one. These servers offer advanced unified communications capabilities, granting a systematic communication processes and improved productivity. With features like call management, voicemail, conferencing, and mobility options, the Univerge SV9100 and SV9500 provide a reliable and flexible solution for your business communication needs.

Univerge SV9100

The Univerge SV9100 is a unified-communications-capable system that can operate as an analogue, digital, or IP system. With its cloud integration capabilities, this system takes unified communications to the next level. By seamlessly integrating into existing IT infrastructure, it allows for simple and efficient communication across various platforms.

The cloud-enabled feature of the Univerge SV9100 provides access to desktop and mobility apps with video conferencing capabilities. This means being able to connect with colleagues and clients from anywhere, at any time. Whether you prefer traditional analog phones or cutting-edge IP technology, this system has got you covered. Experience the power of unified communications in the cloud with the Univerge SV9100.

SV9100 - smart communications
SV9500 smart communications

Univerge SV9500

The Univerge SV9500 offers over 100 enterprise-grade features and five nines reliability for seamless communication across various platforms. Enjoy the benefits of unified communications in the cloud with the Univerge SV9500. This means having access to communication tools from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

Whether you're at the workplace or on the move, this powerful solution solves the problem of how to collaborate smoothly among teams. Plus, with its cloud services, scaling communication capabilities as the business grows can be done at the touch of a finger. Stay up-to-date and embrace the future of unified communications with the Univerge SV9500. 

Univerge SL2100

The game-changer for your business – the Univerge SL2100 is a smart hybrid communications system that galvanizes teams, elevates customer experiences, and boosts cost-effectiveness with built-in VoIP and cloud-enabled unified communications. Say goodbye to hardware and maintenance hassles, and hello to reliable, always-on communication.

Equipped with ergonomic IP desktop phones, voicemail, auto attendant, and cloud-based desktop and mobile clients for remote connectivity, it ensures seamless reachability. Plus, it offers customizable features, NEC's In-Apps Solutions, and a range of communication tools to keep your teams connected. Explore our customer testimonials, download our brochure, and delve into the SL2100's impressive capabilities on this page.

NEC sl2100

Cloud Capabilities

Cloud services work by utilizing voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to deliver a range of integrated and scalable communication solutions. These services provide numerous benefits for businesses, including increased flexibility and cost savings. Utilizing cloud-based options, communication systems can be readily put into action and adjusted to match your business demands. Whether unified communications, contact center services, SIP trunking, or backup and recovery solutions are needed, the cloud provides a thorough, customized experience.

One primary benefit of cloud services is their simple implementation process. Instead of investing in costly hardware or infrastructure, subscription to the service enables immediate utilization. This removes the necessity for intricate installations and minimizes downtime during the transition phase. Another crucial aspect is security. Cloud service providers like NEC prioritize data protection by implementing robust security measures. They use encryption protocols to safeguard information from unauthorized access or breaches. Additionally, they have redundant data centers that ensure high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

NEC Univerge Blue

NEC's Univerge Blue provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of communication solutions for enhanced productivity and efficiency. With its unified communications platform, businesses can streamline their operations and empower their employees to collaborate. By leveraging the power of cloud services, NEC Univerge Blue enables employees to work from any location, ensuring that they are equipped with the right tools for productivity and communication.

Boosting Productivity by Staying Connected

Effortlessly oversee team communication and cooperation through UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT, a user-friendly cloud-based tool that combines different communication aspects such as chat, video, and file sharing. This platform facilitates smooth team association by granting mobile access to the CONNECT phone system. By utilizing this inventive solution, communication workflows can be streamlined and productivity improved via instant messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, and effective file sharing capabilities.

NEC phones
NEC phone on a desk

Contact Center in the Cloud

UNIVERGE BLUE ENGAGE offers smart routing and context delivery to refine incoming inquiries from multiple channels. ENGAGE is designed to meet the needs of a remote workforce by providing a highly flexible solution that can be easily deployed for home workers. It is scalable from large omni-channel environments to the smallest call-centric teams. The smart routing feature ensures that each inquiry is directed to the most appropriate agent, maximizing efficiency and minimizing wait times for customers.

Bringing Everyone Together

Start video meetings right from messaging threads with UNIVERGE BLUE MEET. No more struggling with different applications or wasting time trying to join a meeting. MEET enables screen sharing so everyone can be on the same page, making the work polished and efficient. The in-meeting chat feature lets you manage the conversation flow effectively and keep everyone engaged to enhance communication and productivity between teams.

a video meeting on a laptop
data being transferred

Secure Document Sharing

Effortlessly work with colleagues by saving, syncing, and sharing the latest documents from any device. UNIVERGE BLUE SHARE ensures everyone works with up-to-date files, streamlining workflows by eliminating manual transfers and email searches. It offers a secure cloud-based document system, safeguarding files with real-time backup and antivirus protection. Accessible from any device, it fosters flexible and efficient work, enhancing teamwork and simplifying file sharing.

Enhancing Conference Room Collaboration

Simplify virtual meetings in conference rooms with the UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT ROOMS solution. It seamlessly integrates with existing audio and video equipment, requiring only a small PC and Android tablet. This solution offers a user-friendly experience, fostering collaboration among employees, connecting in-office and remote workers, and supporting up to 200 virtual participants. It streamlines conference room reservations, scheduled video conferences, and ad-hoc meetings, making connectivity effortless and enhancing collaboration capabilities.

a conference room
servers in a dark room

Your Bridge to the Cloud

Experience seamless communication with UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE, a cloud-based voice solution designed to extend the capabilities of NEC phone systems. This service offers a unified communications environment, enabling collaboration from any location while providing access to integrated features like video conferencing, chat, and file sharing. With a single monthly fee, users can streamline their communication tools, saving time by eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps. UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE effortlessly connects existing NEC phone systems with productivity-enhancing tools, making your communication experience more efficient and effective.
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At Easier Communications, we strive to make your business telecommunications management experience ‘easier’. We do so by having a single point of contact that gets to know you and your business and remains with you from day one. We also choose our partners carefully to ensure they are the most reliable in the field and have the best customer service track record. In the end what we offer is peace of mind.