Business Communication Services

Every business needs effective communication services to ensure that all of its communication needs are met. Our business communication services provide a comprehensive suite of tools to help you communicate effectively and efficiently with clients, employees, and other stakeholders. From having phone systems that allow for easy communication to providing secure email solutions, and setting up unified communications platforms, we provide a variety of solutions to make sure that your communication needs are taken care of.

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VoIP Phone Services

Secure communication keeps businesses connected no matter where you are. VoIP phone services provide a wide range of options to fit the needs of any organization. From usual VoIP services to advanced conferencing and collaboration tools, businesses can customize their communication systems for maximum efficiency.

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Computer Networking

Computer networking services provide businesses with the infrastructure they need to get connected and stay secure. From setting up a Local Area Network (LAN) to ethernet cable installation and wireless networking, your business can get all the benefits of a connected system without worrying about security or reliability.

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Monitoring & Alerting

Having an efficient network is great, but having the ability to monitor and alert when things go wrong can save time and money. Monitoring & Alerting systems are designed to proactively detect any errors or potential problems in your system before they become an issue. This allows businesses to fix any issues quickly and get back on track with minimal downtime.

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems provide businesses with a secure way to monitor activity inside and outside their premises. With the proper setup, businesses can be alerted to any suspicious activity and take necessary steps to investigate or protect their assets. Getting the system up and running is easy and cost-effective, providing businesses with peace of mind.

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Access Control

Tightening security and controlling access to areas of your business can be easily done with an access control system. From RFID cards to biometric scanners, businesses can quickly and easily manage who has access to which doors or secure locations. This added layer of security will help protect against intruders and unauthorized personnel entering sensitive areas of your premises.

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Telephone Town Halls

Veterans are a valuable part of any organization and communicating with them can be a challenge. With Telephone Town Halls, hospitals can quickly and easily reach their veterans wherever they may be. This powerful technology provides businesses with the ability to broadcast messages, answer questions, and keep veterans informed of important information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine the ideal system for my business?

We work with a variety of manufacturers and suppliers who are renowned for their high-quality products and attentive customer service, and we match your company with the supplier who will work best for you.

Do you provide installation services?

We proudly offer a white-glove service which caters to businesses that need help with the design, planning, and installation of their networks. Our team of professionals can provide expert advice and service to ensure your system is running smoothly in no time. We also offer maintenance packages to help you stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

Do your products come with a warranty?

A one-year guarantee is always included with the equipment if it is purchased. The warranty is valid for the entire rental period if the equipment is being rented or leased.

Can you customize a solution?

Yes, Easier Communications is equipped to customize systems tailored to fit your specific needs. Our dedicated team of professionals can provide you with a solution that meets the budget and goals of your business while ensuring maximum efficiency.

Do you provide training?

Yes! We offer a variety of training solutions to help you get the most out of our products and services. Our team can provide comprehensive, hands-on instruction on how to use your new equipment, as well as ongoing support for any questions that may arise.

Is technical support available?

Yes, our team of experts is here to help. We provide technical support for all of our products and services with 24/7 availability. If you ever need assistance or have any questions, we are here to help make sure your system is up and running smoothly.

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We provide and support the entire suite of Alcatel-Lucent Products.

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At Easier Communications, we strive to make your business telecommunications management experience ‘easier’. We do so by having a single point of contact that gets to know you and your business and remains with you from day one. We also choose our partners carefully to ensure they are the most reliable in the field and have the best customer service track record. In the end what we offer is peace of mind.